Klay's blog, where we will post updates about the band, what we're doing, where we're playing and other important news. We'll also be posting pictures and videos of our gigs. You can comment on our posts and share them on social networks if you feel like it.

Klay is an acoustic rock band from Graz, Austria. 

New songs online

We're super excited to tell you that we just uploaded some new demo songs to Soundcloud, so check 'em out on our music page!

Holding On and No More are very stripped-down, with just guitar, bass, cajon and vocals, and we think they sound great :) Let it out has been on our front page a while now already, so maybe you've heard it. It's more fleshed-out, with drums, some extra guitars and lots of backing vocals.

We hope you enjoy our songs and stay tuned for more new stuff.

Feel free to share our songs and post comments, if you're on Soundcloud you can follow us there as well ;)

Check out our new songs!

Check out our new songs!