Klay's blog, where we will post updates about the band, what we're doing, where we're playing and other important news. We'll also be posting pictures and videos of our gigs. You can comment on our posts and share them on social networks if you feel like it.

Klay is an acoustic rock band from Graz, Austria. 

New single "Over"

We're super excited to release "Over", the first single off our upcoming EP "Reflected"!

You can listen to it on Soundcloud or YouTube and buy it on Bandcamp. Please spread the word if you like it :)

What is it gonna be
do we drop it and see
keep fighting for you and me
till it is over
— Klay // Over

"Over" on Radio Soundportal

Over has been playing on our local radio station Soundportal for a few days now, so if you are in Graz and want to hear it, you can ask them to play it. You can also vote for "Over" in the Soundportal Charts (select "Klay - Over" from the list or enter it into the field below).

AND, in case you missed it, we also just launched a crowdfunding campaign
– you can check it out